Vocation to religious life means the invitation of Jesus, “Come and see!” (John 1:39).

Hence fostering vocations aims at presenting the attraction of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and the beauty of the total gift of self for the sake of the Gospel.

Jesus called his apostles individually to be with him, to experience him. Patiently and lovingly he prepared them, stamped on them his image. He gave them the Holy Spirit and sent them out to preach the Gospel. Similarly, he calls us to live out in the Church our Father Founder’s vision of evangelizing and catechizing. We respond to this call by committing ourselves totally in an adequate and continuous formation, for which God gives us his grace daily.

Our Father Founder has taught us that the best way to promote vocations is to have true sisterly love among ourselves, appreciating and loving each other, and having a cheerful disposition, so that those who come to us may see and love Jesus through Our Way of Life. In his unique way of promoting vocations he has instructed us to be generous in facilitating vocations to the whole Church, not just to our congregation only. He has exhorted us to let other congregations also address our students, and assist them in whatever way we can.

In his magnanimity he embraced the entire world, and ardently desired for a wider range of vocations! He exhorted us, “I would love to see some of you going to Africa and to Mesopotamia and to the Fiji Islands, to the Holy Land; and even to the moon, with the astronauts, to get vocations! Because we wish to show the world that we are one body in Christ: all happy; smiling, cycling, erect, confident, loving children of one heavenly Father.

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