Besides the common prayers of the Church, we pray daily the particular prayers formulated by our beloved Father Founder under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
They contain the sum total of our being and doings.

Morning Offering
O God, our most loving and tender Father, we adore you and thank you for having created us, called us into your Church, and given us the grace to become Catechist Sisters of Mary Immaculate. Thank you, also, for having preserved us during the night past. Little helpless children that we are do teach us the practice of the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood, loving you as our Father and all.

We thank you, with all the love of our hearts for your most precious gift, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Holy Communion. Help us, dear Jesus, not only to offer the Mass with the greatest devotion, but to live the Mass, and to love you most tenderly in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

Bless us, your little children that we may become holy and pure, in imitation of our Immaculate Mother in order to save our souls and many more souls.

Having an erect body, and a smiling countenance according to our Way of Life, help us, O God, to love all those with whom we come in contact, with sisterly love, but with no jealousy, no secrecy, and no familiarities. And help us, that we may always think well of everybody, speak well of everybody, and do good to everybody.

Our dear loving Father, let our whole life be devoted to give you pleasure, to love you and help others to love you. Amen.

(Composed by our beloved Father Founder during his retreat at Salesian College, Sonada, W. Bengal, 1 June 1959)

Night Prayer
At the close of this day, I humbly come into your presence, my most loving and tender Father, and in union with my Mother Mary Immaculate, and all the angels and saints, I adore you, I praise you and I thank you for all your gifts, especially for having chosen me, your little child, to be a Sister of Mary Immaculate, and given me the holy Sacrifice of the Mass with holy Communion as the food of my soul.

Pardon me, dear Father, for having displeased you. Do watch over me during my repose and bless the rest I am going to take, so that I may be able to serve you better. May the thought that tomorrow, I shall again offer Mass and receive you in Holy Communion increase my desire to give you pleasure, to love you and help others to love you. Amen.

Prayer to our Blessed Mother
Our beloved Mother, Mary Immaculate Help of Christians, we dedicate ourselves entirely to Jesus your Son, to love God our Father, and help others to love him.

We pray that under the guidance of our Holy Father, the bishops, priests, religious, and laity of the whole world may be united in Jesus, and be a sign to the world. Bestow your choicest blessings on the dioceses where we serve and in particular, on our home diocese of Krishnagar. Preserve all youth from sin and irreligion. We pray for an increase of vocations, and the grace to persevere to the end.

We beg you dear Mother, to bless and protect all nations of the world, enlighten and guide the leaders that they may promote peace, justice and prosperity for all. Keep in your special care, (*) India and the countries in which we live and share our spiritual and apostolic charism of the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood, and Evangelization and Catechesis.

May our parents and relatives, associates and co-workers, friends and benefactors and people and children in our care enjoy your motherly guidance and protection. We pray for the unity of all Christians, for all those who do not know and love God, for sinners and the dying, and for the souls in purgatory.

Have our beloved congregation, always in your motherly care. Help us to turn to you quickly and confidently when we face temptations, anxieties and sufferings. Do prevent us from ever abandoning our holy vocation.

Dear Mother, motivate us to fulfil the command of Jesus your beloved Son, “to be converted and become like little children,” to learn from him to be meek, gentle and humble of heart, and to spend our lives like him doing good. Then, when it is the will of God, we shall be ready and happy to have you take us to our Father’s home. Amen.

* (Communities outside India will mention the name of their country).

SMI Prayer
Heavenly Father, you have called our beloved Father Bishop to be with you, to enjoy your loving presence forever, which he joyfully awaited. May he sing your praises for ever. We thank you for all that you have accomplished through him as bishop, writer, and our Father Founder, for the growth of the Church, the entire world and us, his children.

May your Holy Spirit help us to understand better our Father’s vision and zeal, and to live faithfully our Way of Life, so that we may please you always, and be deeply committed to our mission of evangelization and catechesis. Send to your Church many more dedicated persons to proclaim the Good News to the whole world.

Bless us, Father, that we may, like our Blessed Mother, live in faith, hope and love, and be gentle and joyful sister apostles, “to love you and help others to love you”. Amen.
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