SMI Houses and their specific Ministries


Canonical Erection - 31 January 1990

As our little congregation was growing fast, our beloved Father Founder began considering the extension of our services to other countries as well. While in Rome attending the Second Vatican Council of 1962 -1965, he made several visits to Germany, making the necessary contacts with Archbishop Josef Schneider of Bamberg and others, assisted by Rev. Fr. John Rauh, sdb for our first foundation in Germany.
Accordingly, led by Sister Pieta Manavalan, the Superior, Srs. Georgia, Gloria, Auxilia, Sophia, and Veronica, the first six members, left for Germany with our Founder’s blessings on 8 September 1966, to take charge of a Home for the Senior Citizens under Diocesan Caritas in the city of Bayreuth. In 1977 the second house in Germany at Burgkunstadt was started.
Our foundation in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, USA is another precious gift from our Father Founder. In November 1979, at 88 years of age, he made his last visit to the U.S. On Wednesday, 21 November at 1:30 p.m. he had a meeting with Bishop William G. Connare of Greensburg, Pennsylvania at St. Ann’s Home for the Aged. Others present for the meeting were Auxiliary Bishop Gaughan; Msgr. John Conway, Director of Charities; Sr. Patricia, Administrator of the Hospital; and her Assistant Sr. Stella (Felician Sisters); and Srs. Georgia and Marie, smi. The Bishops and others were most cordial. Our possible ministries were discussed. Due to their understanding and support to Father Bishop, we were able to start our foundation in May 1981 with our Sisters Gemma Marutholil and Lorraine Varakukalail as the first members.
Then followed our foundation in Udine, Italy in 1987 recommended by our good Fr. Louis Gobetti, sdb who hails from Udine. These houses were formed into a delegation and erected under the title, First Delegation on 31 January 1990. The Delegation was inaugurated on 11 February 1990 with 38 members living in 4 communities: Bayreuth and Burgunstadt in Germany; Udine in Italy, and Leechburg in Pennsylvania, USA.

Sr. Lily Chittilapilly : Delegation Superior (1990 –1996)
Councillors: Srs. Veronica Arakal, Lillis Madathiparambil and Dora Fernandes
Sr. Gratia Kuttianickal - Delegation Superior (1996 - 2002)
Sr. Francine Punneliparambil - Delegation Superior (2002 - 2008)
Sr. Jessy George - Delegation Superior (2008 - 2011)
Sr. Maryrose Chellamkott - Delegation Superior (2012 -)
Councillors: Srs. Jyothi Pushapa Toppo and Shergy Manikunnel

Delegation Superior
Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Moritzhofen 21a 95447
Bayreuth Germany
Phone: 0049-921-5070240

Communities and their ministries
1. Bayreuth, Germany
Date of Foundation: 9 September 1966
Activities: Home for the Senior Citizens, Home Visitation, Eucharistic Ministers, Animation of monthly Prayer Group, Visiting the sick in the hospitals.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Moritzhofen 21a 95447
Ph: 0049-921- 5070241 Fax: 0049-921-5070250

2. Burgkunstadt, Germany
Date of Foundation: 16 November 1977
Activities: Home for the Senior Citizens, Eucharistic Ministers, Visiting homes and hospitals. Animation of Prayer Group

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Krichleiner Str. 5 96224
eMail: 0049-9572-3804261 / 3804251 Fax 0049-9572-380420

3. Marsure, Italy
Date of Foundation: 15 August 1992
Activities: Home Visitation, Teaching Catechism, Preparing children for the Sacraments, In-charge of the parish Nursery School, Liturgical Animation, Eucharistic Minister, Visiting the sick in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Via della Chiesa-4
33080 Marsure, (PN),
Phone: 0039-0434-656008

4. Udine, Italy
Date of Foundation: 4 August 1987
Activities: Home Visitation, Liturgical Animation, Teaching Catechism, Preparing children for the Sacraments, In-charge of the parish Nursery School, Visiting the sick in Hospitals, Nursing Homes.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Via Mistruzzi 9
33100 Udine
Phone: 0039-0432-65122644

5. Aviano, Italy
Date of Foundation: 31 August 2014
Activities: Home Visitation, Liturgical Animation, Teaching Catechism, Preparing children for the Sacraments, Visiting the sick.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Via Pordenone - 2
33081 Aviano
Phone: 0039-0434-651226 (House)

6. Leecburg, U.S.A.
Date of Foundation: 4 May 1981
Activities: Visits to the homebound and those in Nursing Homes, Teaching Catechism in the Catholic Centre, Adult Catechesis, Eucharistic Ministers, Our Mission House Publications, A small Personal Care Home, Assisting in the faith formation of “Home Schooling children” through monthly gatherings of the children and their mothers and occasionally for both father and mother, Association of “Little Flower League”, Animation to SMI Collaborators, Ministry of Care Coordinator, Mission Appeals.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
118 Park Road Leechburg, PA 15656 U.S.A.
Phone: 001-724-845-2828 (House) TeleFax: 001-724-845-1658 (Bishop Morrow Home)
eMail: (house), (Our Mission House)

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