SMI Houses and their specific Ministries


Canonical Erection - 30 September 2000

The fourth province of our Institute under the title East Africa Province was erected on 30 September 2000. It is the second memorable gift of the Great Jubilee Year 2000.
In 1984, Rt. Rev. Mathias Isuja Joseph, Bishop of Dodoma requested Sr. Mary Chalissery the then superior general to send Sisters to teach in the diocesan seminary at Bihawana. Complying with his request Srs. Jean Chemplany and Ancy Kalathingal arrived in Tanzania on 27th July 1985, accompanied by Sr. Pieta Manavalan, assistant general and Sr. Mercy Kannampadathil, general councillor.
The Sisters began teaching in the seminary from January 1986. On 18th July 1988 two more Sisters joined them. Our first community was erected at Miyuji, Dodoma on 2nd January 1989 with Sr. Jean as its first superior. Sisters continued to teach in the Seminary at Bihawana, visiting villages and families during holidays, attending oratory on Sundays and rendering service in a dispensary at Nzuguni village, about 22 kilometers from Miyuji.
In 1992 a Formation House was opened at Miyuji in the Birth Centenary Year of our beloved Father Founder. It was indeed a fitting tribute to our Father who has told us, “I would love to see some of you going to Africa, and to Mesopotamia, and to the Fiji Islands, to the Holy Land, even to the moon with the astronauts, to get vocations!” The first group of candidates arrived at the end of December 1993. More Sisters were sent from our Generalate in India. On 25th August 1994, our congregation was registered as a Society in the United Republic of Tanzania.
With the three communities at Miyuji, Nzuguni, and Morogoro, our East African Delegation was erected on 1st October 1997 with the strength of 12 Sisters, 5 postulants, and 19 candidates. On the same day Sr. Lily Pushpam Pillai was installed as its first Superior by Sr. Marie Pothanamala, superior general in the presence Rt. Rev. Matthias Isuja Joseph, Bishop of Dodoma, and Rt. Rev. Telesphor Mkude, Bishop of Morogoro. Srs. Florita Parakulangara and Ancy Jacob were appointed as councillors.
On 1st October 1998, Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, patroness of the missions and of our Institute, the second novitiate of our congregation was opened at Miyuji, Dodoma with Sr. Jean Chemplany as its first novice mistress. The first four novices Deodata Mkinga, Eltruda Kimath, Magdalena Lyaruu, and Yustina Maganga pronounced their final vows on 8th December 2007 to the great joy of the entire congregation.
On 30 September 2000 the delegation was raised to the status of a province under the title, East African Province with Sr. Mercy Kannampadathil as its first provincial superior, and our house in Kihonda, Morogoro as the provincialate. To this province belongs our houses at Dar-Es-Salaam, Kibaigwa, Miyuji, Morogoro, and Nzuguni. At that time the province had 21 Sisters, 5 novices and 14 pre-novices.

Sr. Mercy Kannampadathil : Provincial Superior (30 Sept. 2000 – 30 Sept. 2006)
Councillors from 2000 - 2003: Srs. Lily Puspam Pillai, Leela Karamakuzhiyil, Florita Parakulangara.
Councillors from 2003 - 2006: Srs. Lily Puspam Pillai, Leela Karamakuzhiyil, Delora Correya.
Sr.Dina Vellamaruthumkal : Provincial Superior (2006 - 2012)
Sr.Ancy Jacob: Provincial Superior (2012 -2017 )
Sr.Delora Correya: Provincial Superior (2018 - )

Councillors from 2018 - : Srs. John Marie, Magdalena Lyaruu and Lily Pushapm Pillai

Provincial Superior
Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Provincial House
P.O. Box 2028
Kihonda, Morogoro
Tanzania, East Africa
Phone: 00255-23-2604066 (Provincial Superior)
eMail: (Provincial House)

Communities and their ministries
1. Dar-Es-Salaam
Date of Foundation: 31 May 2003
Activities: Home Visitation, Pastoral Assistance, Teaching Catechism in the secondary schools, Nursery school.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
P.O. Box 6483,
Tanzania, East Africa
Phone: 00255-22-2762303.

2. Kibaigwa
Date of Foundation: 24 December 2004
Activities: Home Visitation, Pastoral Assistance, Dispensary with Lab, Teaching Catechism.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
256 Sokoine Street,
P.O. Box 12
Kibaigwa, Kongwa
Tanzania, East Africa
Phone: 00255-23-2628226

3. Miyuji
Date of Foundation: 27 July 1985
Activities: Home Visitation, Teaching Catechism, Village Apostolate, Dispensary with Lab, Mobile Clinic, Nursery School. Formation of Novices and Candidates.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
P.O. Box 1348,
Miyuji, Dodoma
Tanzania, East Africa
Phone: 00255-26-2304950

4. Morogoro
Date of Foundation: 2 January 1997
Activities: Provincial House, Formation, Home Visitation, Teaching Catechism, Village Apostolate, Preparing children for First Holy Communion, Nursery School, Oratory, Tuition Classes.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate Oratory
P.O. Box 2028,
Kihonda, Morogoro
Tanzania, East Africa

5. Nzuguni
Date of Foundation: 11 September 1995
Activities: Home Visitation, Dispensary with Lab, Nursery School, Oratory.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
P.O. Box 1348,
Nzuguni, Dodoma
Tanzania, East Africa
Phone: 00255-26-2350588

6. Pundamilia
Date of Foundation: 24 April 2012
Activities: Home Visitation, Dispensary, Nursery School, Oratory.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
P.O. Box 543,
Makuya 01020
Kenol, Kenya
Ph: 00254-786-819192 email:

6. Njoro, Same
Date of Foundation:10 November 2014
Activities: Home Visitation, Dispensary, Nursery School.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
P.O. Box 242,
Tanzania, East Africa

Phone: 00255-785-961199 email:

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